Time Frame

Please expect your pet to remain at Happy Tails for 4 hours when bringing them for a grooming appointment. It may not always require 4 hours for the grooming appointment. You will be contacted as soon as your pet is finished, whether its 2 hours or 4. If you have a time constraint and must have your dog finished before 4 hours, please tell us when scheduling your appointment. If possible, we will work with you for your convenience.

Please do not drop off your dog and call or stop back in an hour and expect them to be finished. When you come in the shop and your dog is being worked on, they see you and want to get to you. This becomes dangerous for both dog and groomer. Once they see you, it makes it take longer to get the dog safely finished and takes longer to complete.

Sometimes circumstances affect the time it takes to complete your pets grooming. We cannot control other clients being late for appointments or the condition they are in. There are times we have emergencies with dogs and we will all focus our attention on those situations.

At times, emergencies will happen on your end. We will do our best to accommodate those emergencies as well. We ask for your patience and understanding as well.

We appreciate your trust in us to take the best possible care of your pet. We want you and your pet to have the best possible experience while in our care.


Current rabies vaccine is required for your pet to be a client. Please be advised we do recommend your pet to be vaccinated for everything including kennel cough, parvo and distemper.

Clients should be aware, dogs will be in contact with other dogs at this facility. While we take precautions with sanitation/disinfecting , we cannot control your pets vaccinations or the fact that a dog may be unknowingly carrying an illness. Therefore we will not be held liable or responsible for any of the above or illness contracted after grooming appointments.

Dogs With Behavioral Issues

As dog groomers, we accept all types of pets for grooming. Saying that, this includes biting dogs, behavioral issues, sensitivity issues and geriatric pets. While we are a transparent grooming shop, this exposes us to clients misunderstanding what they are witnessing as a snapshot of a misbehaving dog being groomed and sometimes appearing as though they are being mistreated.

We do accept these types of dogs because a lot of groomers do not. We feel that each dog has the right to be kept in a maintained condition and this includes being groomed.

We have a lot of experience taking care of these dogs and we do keep the safety of of both groomer and dog in mind. If you see something you are uncomfortable with, please ask questions right then and there. We would be happy to fill you in about the situation.

We want all clients to feel comfortable with a pet in our care and would also like clients to understand some of the more challenging situations we deal with.

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