In anticipation of a slower than normal January, we will be closing Mondays in January and possibly February. We will continue with regular hours throughout the week. If we are slow, we may opt to close early. If you wish to come for walk in services, please call early in the day so we can give an idea what time we will be closing. Please stay safe!

Covid 19 Customer Guide (revised 07/12/2020)

We have resumed our normal business hours. We are following guidelines set by the CDC to give our clients the peace of mind that we are doing all we can to fully operate in a safe manner. Cooperation from our patrons is greatly appreciated.

Please be on time for your appointment. More than ten minutes late will result in your appointment being cancelled.  We are scheduling to help execute social distancing and structuring our appointments for a smoother operation.

When you call or are called to schedule an appointment, you will be asked medical questions. Answering yes will not disqualify you from coming for grooming. WE NEED TO KNOW so we can take extreme precautions to protect ourselves and our clientele. Please be honest.

If you do not wish to come in to the shop for drop off or pickup, please tell us when scheduling. You will call when you arrive and we will come to your car. Please wear a mask in your car.

When arriving, please stand near the 'G' on the window if you are requiring grooming and you have an appointment. Please stand near the 'N' on the window if you have an appointment or call ahead for nail trimming. Stand near the 'P' on the window if you have been called for pick up ( please remember to bring your leash and collar ). Please do not come before you are called. No waiting inside the shop will be permitted. We will be limiting customer contact to under 10 minutes.

Only one client in the shop at a time.

All clients must wear a mask.

All dogs must be on a leash when arriving and all cats must be in a carrier.

Clients may ‘walk in’ for nail clippings. You do not need to schedule an appointment. We do ask that you wait outside if there is another customer in the store. Masks are required to enter.

When dropping off your dog, we will put a slip lead on your dog. You will then take off the leash and collar and take it with you, and bring it back when you come to pick up. It limits exposure from you to us, and us to you.

We will be practicing social distancing with the dogs as well.

  • Your dog will immediately be taken to the tub for a bath.
  • After grooming is complete, your dog will be placed in a separate kennel.
  • You will be called immediately and expected to pick up promptly.
  • No dogs will be allowed to socialize.

We understand some dogs may be in rough condition. Due to the circumstances and the volume of clients needing our care, we will not be dematting these dogs but will give them a comfort clip. We will be happy to work with you during future appointments to grow out into longer haircuts. At this point, addressing health concerns and comfort are our main concern.

When you are called for pick up, you will be asked if you would like to schedule your next appointment. We will schedule on the phone if you wish, and give an appointment card at pick up. You will be asked if you prefer to pay over the phone. It is not required.

When picking up, we will try to minimize customer contact in the shop. Remember to bring leash and collar. You will put it back on your dog and return the slip lead.

We are doing our best to serve our clients in the most safe way possible. We are cleaning and sanitizing, following CDC and PA State Guidelines to permit operations to stop the spread of Covid 19. We ask for your patience as we acclimate to the new  normal. We are proving we can adapt and accept our responsibility to provide a valuable and necessary  service to our patrons. Inconsiderate behavior will not be tolerated.

We will be following this protocol until the guidelines from the CDC and PA Department of Health are relaxed.

Senior Citizen Day!
Every Monday seniors receive a 10% discount for full grooming service.

Military Discount!
Receive a 10% discount with a military ID card.

We Support Speranza Animal Rescue!

3401 Hartzdale Drive, Suite 104
Camp Hill, PA 17011

Top quality pet grooming for all breeds, canine & feline, including styling of your choice:

  • Brushout
  • Bath
  • Nail Trim
  • Nail Grinding (upon request)
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Anal Glands (upon request)
  • Pads
  • Private Area Clipped

We offer a half-price brushout & bath within 3 weeks of a full groom. We also carry Lupine leashes & collars.

3401 Hartzdale Drive, Suite 104 • Camp Hill, PA 17011 • 717-737-8106